Clean India Technology Week 2016 Concludes on high note

Marking the strength of India’s Cleaning & hygiene Industry, Asia’s largest cleaning event, Clean India Technology Week 2016 drew 8,250 business visitors – a jump of 78% from the previous show – from varied sectors and government departments: healthcare, hospitality, pharmaceutical, healthcare, facility management, food processing, manufacturing industries, corporate houses, industrial townships, Municipal Corporations, railways, car care centres, laundries ….

Amid high enthusiasm and overwhelming response from both exhibitors as well as visitors the five expos concluded on a high note, taking another step towards the fulfilment of Clean India. The enthusiasm could best be described through the eyes of an 82 years old physically challenged visitor N.Boriah, Proprieter of a textile mill who travelled from Bangalore to Mumbai visited each and every stall noticing the developments occurred in the last 60 years and appreciating the latest eco-friendly technologies showcased at the Expos. “We have been using machines that clean at some environmental cost such as carbon emission. However, I am amazed to see the new innovations that are 100% eco-friendly. This will help transform the cleaning in true sense,” said Boriah.

The 3-day event filled with sellers-buyers meets, knowledge sharing sessions, entertainment, recognition and networking saw the convergence of Municipal Commissioners, Mayors, CXOs, housekeeping heads, purchase managers, GMs and operational heads across the segments, majorly hospitality, pharmaceutical, healthcare, Railways and food processing.

The Expos marked the launch of many game changing technologies & innovations that might redefine the cleaning, hygiene and sanitation market of India. To name a few, while the B-Dreams’ patented world’s cheapest P-blocks addresses the sanitary issues of the country at large, Clean India Award winner Gala’s broom has the potential to redefine the ‘brooming’. Tanishka Products’ Micro-encapsulation technology and Arrow coated’ film technology takes the fragrance and dosing system to a whole new level.

The expos bridged not only the gap between demand & supply, but also was a journey towards the fulfilment of vision of Clean India to an inflexion point which connects the line to Clean India 2019. “The Clean India Technology Week was a programme not limited to just to B2B convergence, but a programme to transform India into a clean & healthy India that empowers society and economy, said the Surjeet Singh Chauhan, Chairman-Bhopal Municipal Corporation

Addressing the press Jayaram Nair, Chairman-Virtual Info Systems Pvt. Ltd, organiser of Clean India Technology Week, said, “Showcasing the latest developments in Cleaning, Clean India Technology Week is nothing less than a celebration for the Industry.

“To bring sustainable change, it is essential to make cleaning commercially viable. Having organised Clean India Shows for over a decade now, Clean India Technology Week moves up to another level; connecting all the dots to ensure the viability and due recognition of Cleaning as an Industry.”

Speaking to Clean India Journal, Toni D’Andrea, MD-Afidamp Servizi said, “India is moving fast. Today, I am surprised to see the quick uprise of cleaning & hygiene industry in the last two years. India market brings great opportunity for all and a great destination to invest in.”

Concurrently happening with Expo were the seminars and discussions on “Current Challenges with Today’s Housekeeping” and “Creating Synergies between procurement heads & housekeeping” along with papers by IPHA.